Thursday, December 8, 2011

One of my Videos

Attention! - there arent all of my animations in this video. For an example, from my collab with inuyunyun only some things are from there and of course i forgot some animations or will discover some later, so... And i also didnt show all of the clips of the animations i had already shown you ( My Animations vid , Animation practice Snow...etc) Im now going to post some animations seperatly too :P Like KaRaTe and some lipsync practices etc. .. one of the reasons is to get more views o3o ...and the other one is that i just want to show you :3.
+ I need to finish lots of animations... i cant finish the oldest ones ( i may want to make new versions of them ) but im positive that i will finish some animations tough.

As always , tell me what you think (so.. comment :P) rate and subscribe too :D

I was even thinking about maybe someday i will animate warriors second or 3-rd book.. there is a problem tough, i cant really understand english so perfectly yet so if i will do it ill need a person to help me with it..i will animate , but he/she will help me understand evrithing better( i should get a picture about the activity or smthing in my head.. ) , and that person will help me with the designs o3o

Ok thats it for today i guess , i will go now. Bye :D
Go live ur lives again now...
Stop wasting time...
What are you still reading there for ? go on...o3o

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