Wednesday, May 9, 2012

whoooa... updaate!

Huh.. finally have the time to actually WRITE something here..
Well, i have spent a huge amount of time with the puppies ^^
They are so big now! It's their birthday soon... gonna be two months old next week.. we wont be able to selebrate that with them. Four of the pups are already with their new owners.. and there were only seven of them. Im really sad to see them go.. but on the other side, they will get a new family who'll love them as much as we did.. And let's face it, i wouldn't have been able to keep even one of them anyway.. we already have two dogs.. and that puppy will grow up sooner or later. That's a total of three dogs.. we live in a town.. so that would clearly be too much.

About my progress on ANYTHING lately.. well, umm. There actually is no progress. I have scetched a little.. but not much.. And it took some time to realize it, but i finally got it... i wont be able to finish my collab part with inuyunyun.. so i agreed to let her finish the part. The only problem now, is - how can i put the video together without a proper program.. Yes, i did download Sony Vegas.. but i havent been able to crack it just yet... gaaawd, all of this takes waaay too much time...

Also the latest news is, that im ill... I cough and have a runny nose.. haha, love that word.. Runny nose xD
Anyways.. im kind of worried.. i should get well soon, or im gonna have a big problem. You see... i have exams comeing, aaand i need to study as much as i can... for that i need to be in school.. and for that i need to get well.. It has already been over a week, so i hope it'll happen soon.

Ok, that's it for now... i quess..
Thanks for reading..
And goodbye peoplezz! :D