Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Helloo... peoplez ;D

Hello peoplez!!! Im very tired from last week and the past couple of days. Study..study.... study, but i must tell you that im actually happy. Tho i have slept for 4 hours the past couple of days... im very cheerful. You know why? Thats right Winter holiday! And more importantly Christmas!!! Just thinking about it makes me so happy... A few days of school and then... freedom... for two weeks -.-'  (woohoo..)
But im glad that it is at least two weeks.Tomorrow i'll decorate my room :D  Then it will be all like...cristmas -ish.... But i've got lots of studying to do... for tomorrow, and then ..freedom. Or did i already say that? :D
Anyway, what i wanted to say.. is that i'll be making some pictures soon, and hopefully some animations too. Im positive about the upcoming weeks, and i hope to get loads of stuffz done :3        Have a Marry Christmas!

- Happy Holidays!
- J.K

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