Monday, January 25, 2016

There is hope!!!! WoWoWo what? :3

I wrote here in the end of last year, saying that I'm feeling depressed about the WIP project I have going on. Well, this has suddenly changed this week. I decided to take it on and get on with it. Realized I really wanted to finish it and the host (musicpaw) actually cancelled the deadline. So I have more time than just to February. Tho I will certainly aim to finish it as soon as possible. Feeling motivated right now! Energy boost!
And you know what??? It's too late to draw or animate now! I have to go to sleep! I am finally setting my sleep schedule right. Oh godness, weeks ago I was up till 8a.m and even later. SO this is improvement. I'm moving it because school starts in a week and I can't be up all night. Otherwise I would gladly be up till like 4 a.m... no problem. Especially when I have inspiration to do something creative (like right now).
I started to put together a WIP project video (short) to show musicpaw what I've already done on the project. It's sooooo unfinished, but I can throw something together for her. So this will be uploaded to YT anytime soon. I don't know if I should include it here.
And btw I already said musicpaw that I will be giving up the second part because I will never make it in time. But then she threw away the deadline and now I want it back ._. yup xD... well actually I had a greaaat idea for the second part. I imagined it in my mind perfectly.. I didn't have that vision before, so this changed things. But I doubt I'll get it back. So I'll just finish the first part.

Sooo, today I drew something... with a tablet... over a looooong while.
I've sketched and drew all along, but only on paper. I haven't made anything on the computer for so long. And how did I get over that block thing again? TheAnimeman!
If you don't know him, he's a youtuber and I watch his videos. So, he's having a fanart contest and I had the greatest idea. I can't really draw humans that well, so I was thinking... what could I do that is within my reach....? I considered drawing Joey as a wolf, but that would have been completely random and nothing special. So I thought... what would be interesting. And Bam! ''I should reverse his avatar''... The cat mask would become a cat and the person would become a mask! Yes! That's what I'll do. I originally considered to draw Joey's own face, but threw that thought away. The complete reverse avatar thing was better.
So the idea is pretty good, but the drawing fails a little. Not dynamic and explosive enough.
I thought to add something YT related and anime related to that... buuut I didn't. I would have had to work so hard on that and it would have been so irrelevant in the end because almost EVERYONE did that and mine would've been so insignificant.
My program skills need development. I'm too left behind. And isn't that good for drawing. It's great for animation sketches and just rough sketches, but otherwise it stays a little short.

BUT I will show you (who stumbled here by mistake) my failure first hand! Here it is! Joey's avatar reversed! TheAnimeMan as a cat everybody!!!
He's cute. So, my criticism: The mask is on a weird angle... I didn't get the mask right. Never been good with clothes, so the suit looks funny. But based on my skills, it's alright in general. But the tie! It's not a tie! It's like a death-sword orsmthn... It looks completely wrong. But the quick shadowing I did turned out pretty okay. Now the cat, the cat I like. The left paw is on a weird angle but meh. Let it be.
And yes, the avatar is truly reversed. As the correct one has the mask on the right side of the face. This is so completely reversed, that even the mask changed poles lol...(it may or may not have been intentional)

The BG! I actually like it! Though it's very lazy. I kind of think this mysterious theme suits this pic. I could still redo it tomorrow... I dunno though. Having doubts.
It kinda looks like a spotlight of a wanted criminal xD Oooh, but it's cewl. I like it.
(P.S. I'll sort through my hand-drawn stuff tomorrow. Maybe I'll post a lil smth-smth to my Deviant..)

EDIT: I changed the bg later and it looked like this (better)
(open to see it bigger)

This is it for today. I'll keep ya posted (haha xD like I will)
Thank you for existing!
Don't forget to smile today!