Sunday, December 2, 2012


Randomness is the most randomest random feeling ever... random .3.
Im having one of those crazy mood days... my mood changes constantly and currently im just plain crazy :D
eeeeeeee..... sexy ladehh!! Op op op op  Oppa gangnam style!
It's the end of the world as we know it!!! ... yeahhhh
I have no idea what the point of this post is.

I have been busy every day. And that is not going to change soon.. But when the holydays come... I have dreams.. dreams of a brighter future. :3
So keep your hopes up, and never look down. Unless you step on dog poop.. yes, then look down. Or when you drop your phone!!! ohyes. Anyway, i hope you get my point.. Nevermind all the extremley random randomness .3.

INUYUNYUN i have not forgotten you! Im fighting my computer and my teachers untill i succeed!!! :3
TO THE INTERNET! mkay... to sleep. Its late .3.
Im having a strange feeling i ate too much cake earlier
au revore pplz
chao :3


I can relate to that.. sadly

OHGOD... Nemo!!! i remembered .3.

That means good day ppls .3.
I decided this post was too pointless, so i added some pictures. :3

Friday, November 9, 2012


Help, i need somebody.. Help, not just anybody.. HELP
(yesh, The Beatles ^^)
Okay... the truth is. I am so very ashamed... InuYunYun has been waiting for my collab part.. for a VERY long time. I am so, so, SO sorry.. i'll try to make it up to you, i promise. The moment i get Sony Vegas 10 from somewhere, i'll start putting together the video.
By the way, i had some time last month, so i animated a little ^^  ..It's supposed to be a dragon.. who turns his head a bit and then starts flying... like randomly o3o
I like dragons, i like wolves
I like horses, i like cows
Janeli OUT

Sunday, August 12, 2012

So..summer, huh?

Hey u guys!
Well...uhh, i don't even know where to start..
Umm, so.. it's August already. Most of the summer is over, and i havent posted anything on youtube for... a year. WOW.. i have really let myself go.. But, as you know, i do have a life. And other hobbies. I propably will never animate as much as in 2010. But, i won't quit.. not just yet. I really love animating and drawing, so don't give up just yet. It's just... my life has gone crazy. Everything happens.. at once, and i don't have the time to animate.
This year, so far, has been very suprising, in a good way.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

whoooa... updaate!

Huh.. finally have the time to actually WRITE something here..
Well, i have spent a huge amount of time with the puppies ^^
They are so big now! It's their birthday soon... gonna be two months old next week.. we wont be able to selebrate that with them. Four of the pups are already with their new owners.. and there were only seven of them. Im really sad to see them go.. but on the other side, they will get a new family who'll love them as much as we did.. And let's face it, i wouldn't have been able to keep even one of them anyway.. we already have two dogs.. and that puppy will grow up sooner or later. That's a total of three dogs.. we live in a town.. so that would clearly be too much.

About my progress on ANYTHING lately.. well, umm. There actually is no progress. I have scetched a little.. but not much.. And it took some time to realize it, but i finally got it... i wont be able to finish my collab part with inuyunyun.. so i agreed to let her finish the part. The only problem now, is - how can i put the video together without a proper program.. Yes, i did download Sony Vegas.. but i havent been able to crack it just yet... gaaawd, all of this takes waaay too much time...

Also the latest news is, that im ill... I cough and have a runny nose.. haha, love that word.. Runny nose xD
Anyways.. im kind of worried.. i should get well soon, or im gonna have a big problem. You see... i have exams comeing, aaand i need to study as much as i can... for that i need to be in school.. and for that i need to get well.. It has already been over a week, so i hope it'll happen soon.

Ok, that's it for now... i quess..
Thanks for reading..
And goodbye peoplezz! :D

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My drawings 2010
My animations 2010
Some recent animation practice
Some of my animations
Animation practice
Simple animation

Monday, March 26, 2012

Puppies! and else.

Finally :) Our dog, Bella had puppies on march 15-th and 16-th. The first six pups arrived in the evening and the last one at night. My favourite is the last one, she's one of the smallest aswell. Anyway, they are 11 days old currently and growing all the time. Soon they'll be opening their eyes. Im so exited!!! :D
About my progress with animations and drawing. Im so sorry, but there is not much of a progress.. I was busy with school, then i couldnt do anything on my computer ( i've fixed it now ) and now the puppies. I dont know why, but there is always something happening.. i dont have much free time, we're always doing something.. but, i'll try to finish my collab part for inuyunyun in the weekend. It has been overdue for almost a year... Can you belive that? A whole year!! I feel so bad that i have been letting her down, for so long... When i get this done, i wont take part of any collab or competition for a while..
The only thing i have done recently, is a handdrawn picture of a dragon - for a competition. And in the beginning of this year i drew a wolf with my computer.. thats it. I need to pull myself together, and finish the things i have started and start new ones. Im sorry to everyone i have let down. I just cant do nothing about it... i always have something going on.. The only year when i did get something done was 2010..  that was long ago.. I have so many ideas and scetches (i also had many songs in my computer...)  I just have to start drawing and animating..
Im thinking i should post an update to youtube. My subscribers need to know im not dead :D  No... seriously, i have a lot to talk about. And i should apologise to inuyunyun again. I really am sorry. I guess thats it, for now.. Bye!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hi.. I havent been here for a while. Because im cuite busy... basically with school. Homework, tests and such. For the past week i have been ill... and i still am, i have a cold. I would have made animations, but its not so easy... i have a headache most of the day. And im busy dealing with my dog. She is going to have puppies :DD  Im so exited... i hope i get well soon... I wonder when those puppies will be born. I think in 2-6 days maybe. Our other dog had puppies 2 years ago, and now Bella :)
Im a little worried tho, cause' she's quite young.. but we think she'll handle it, if not, we'll call the vet. I wont be able to make many animations or drawings anytime soon. My personal life is too active... i got too many things goin' on :)  I promise, when i have the time, i'll finish my collab part (wich is long overdue) and draw etc. Just wait....  I havent been blogging here for another reason aswell. I have several blogs.. two of them are in estonian. And im more comfortable writing there, because i dont speak english very well.. and because there, i blog about all the ehings i do, not only horse riding or drawings.. So, i can talk about many things.. But i will post here too, time to time. Till next time, Bye! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year :)

Hellooo 2012 !
Christmas were wonderful. New year's first day was long and cheerful. But before new year came i was busy, busy, busy. I cleaned my whole room. It took about 3 to 4 days. Then we went to see a movie. After that we went to see a circus : Cirque Du Solei. It was awesome :D  It was a real busy week (Im really sorry about the collab part i had to send to InuYunYun last year, i'll try to get it done soon) but im happy and inspired.

- Happy new year !!!
- JK.