Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hugs to everyone
So. I... well this is awkward
Well... um yea. Where to start.
This blog is kind-of about my passion for art. I have drawn quite a lot in the past weeks. And I can say that I have not lost my touch. The artsy me is still in there somewhere. I have days when drawing just comes naturally.. and there are the days when I have an art Block...
Still.. There is this side to me.. Something.. I still express myself trough art. I still really love to draw! I listen to inspirational music to get my fantasy flying! I still do that. That side of me is still very much alive! And I'm proud of it. I really love to draw.. And I love to wach all kinds of animations! I love to wach my old animations! It brings back so much memories.. I'm determined to start making animations again. I don't know when or how. But I know I will do something.
I mean.. I still got it ;)
Im kind-of a perfectionist... so animating takes really really really long for me. Everything has to be perfect. Otherwise It's not. And I can't have that! So.. yeah
I'll give you something to chew on. Just wait. Give it some time :)

Bye people
Don't miss me too much :3
Be delicious

It's a collab I too took part of. The brown wolf who's howling, that's me