Friday, July 11, 2014

Oh my...

Dear lord... what have I become.
I've been so busy with the new school and everything that ART has quietly flown away from my life. I crave to draw and do all things creative.. but my life.....  And I've kind of had an art block for a while now, so thats bad news..
Once I start drawing or once I hear music that gets my imagination going (orsmnth) there's no stoping me. Well, that's that. This blog has kind of lost it's spark (not that it has ever had spark.. but you get my point)
As for my animations... The last time I animated was sometime in 2013 and even then I didnt do much. Animating has kind of died... and I dont want it to be dead. I remember how much fun it was and how much I liked making animations... It came with restless nights aka I put lots of hard work and dedication into them, but in the end.. It was all worth it. THIS IS NOT THE END OF THIS! I promise.

Now for some good news!
I have purchased lots of art supplies! Like real stuff that painters have. And I intend to start painting! Or atleast attempt to do so!
So that was good! Right?

A new era is dawning! Be prepared .3.
My artsy side fights for survival ferociously. And that is really good! I want it to spread and make me paint and animate and do art.. I love art! I really love it. And I will never stop doing this.. Even if I have an art block of if I don't have time to do art. I'll never give up!

Just to let you peeps know a little bit about my current situation.

That's all.
Thankyou and goodnight!
Janeli OUT! bye :3