Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hi.. I havent been here for a while. Because im cuite busy... basically with school. Homework, tests and such. For the past week i have been ill... and i still am, i have a cold. I would have made animations, but its not so easy... i have a headache most of the day. And im busy dealing with my dog. She is going to have puppies :DD  Im so exited... i hope i get well soon... I wonder when those puppies will be born. I think in 2-6 days maybe. Our other dog had puppies 2 years ago, and now Bella :)
Im a little worried tho, cause' she's quite young.. but we think she'll handle it, if not, we'll call the vet. I wont be able to make many animations or drawings anytime soon. My personal life is too active... i got too many things goin' on :)  I promise, when i have the time, i'll finish my collab part (wich is long overdue) and draw etc. Just wait....  I havent been blogging here for another reason aswell. I have several blogs.. two of them are in estonian. And im more comfortable writing there, because i dont speak english very well.. and because there, i blog about all the ehings i do, not only horse riding or drawings.. So, i can talk about many things.. But i will post here too, time to time. Till next time, Bye! :)

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