Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Helloo... peoplez ;D

Hello peoplez!!! Im very tired from last week and the past couple of days. Study..study.... study, but i must tell you that im actually happy. Tho i have slept for 4 hours the past couple of days... im very cheerful. You know why? Thats right Winter holiday! And more importantly Christmas!!! Just thinking about it makes me so happy... A few days of school and then... freedom... for two weeks -.-'  (woohoo..)
But im glad that it is at least two weeks.Tomorrow i'll decorate my room :D  Then it will be all like...cristmas -ish.... But i've got lots of studying to do... for tomorrow, and then ..freedom. Or did i already say that? :D
Anyway, what i wanted to say.. is that i'll be making some pictures soon, and hopefully some animations too. Im positive about the upcoming weeks, and i hope to get loads of stuffz done :3        Have a Marry Christmas!

- Happy Holidays!
- J.K

Thursday, December 8, 2011

One of my Videos

Attention! - there arent all of my animations in this video. For an example, from my collab with inuyunyun only some things are from there and of course i forgot some animations or will discover some later, so... And i also didnt show all of the clips of the animations i had already shown you ( My Animations vid , Animation practice Snow...etc) Im now going to post some animations seperatly too :P Like KaRaTe and some lipsync practices etc. .. one of the reasons is to get more views o3o ...and the other one is that i just want to show you :3.
+ I need to finish lots of animations... i cant finish the oldest ones ( i may want to make new versions of them ) but im positive that i will finish some animations tough.

As always , tell me what you think (so.. comment :P) rate and subscribe too :D

I was even thinking about maybe someday i will animate warriors second or 3-rd book.. there is a problem tough, i cant really understand english so perfectly yet so if i will do it ill need a person to help me with it..i will animate , but he/she will help me understand evrithing better( i should get a picture about the activity or smthing in my head.. ) , and that person will help me with the designs o3o

Ok thats it for today i guess , i will go now. Bye :D
Go live ur lives again now...
Stop wasting time...
What are you still reading there for ? go on...o3o

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My first blog

Hello people, this is my first blog. Im glad you are here. One of my hobbies is animating and drawing. That's what i'll be focusing on, from now on. I basically animate dogs foxes and other canines, but i also like animating dragons and cats. I really enjoy drawinng, tho i dont have much time to do it. I'm 15 years old, in the the ninth' grade... so you know, study, study, study. Recently i have been thinking about trying the realistic style. I have even thought about making my own calendar or even T-shirts.
I have plans about making my own series about wolves. It is going to be on youtube. The story is unfinished, but im still working on it. I think that's it. It's getting quite late.. so i've gotta go. But this is basically what this blog will be focused on. Im hoping to see you again soon ;)

                  wildwolf114 - on deviantart
       janelikelner12 - on youtube